Graphic Designer and Lettering Artist


Hi there, I’m Hugh van der Lande. I'm a Graphic Designer, Logo Designer and Lettering Artist based in London.

I have a passion for design and all things typography and would love to be a part of your next project.

After completing a Foundation course I am now studying Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communications (UAL,LCC), and am seeking opportunities.

I believe each project is a chance to push myself and to learn new skills. Considering styles, materials and using a range of technical skills I try to execute an outcome that answers the brief, working efficiently in the time frame provided.

Full CV available on request.

What I’m about…

As a designer my values originate from the love and passion I have for detail with everything I do. From a single text box on a page, to the tip of typography, or an overall identity and how it works.

Through mutual respect, I strive to bring the best outcome you require to life and in the time frame you desire.

I am extremely hardworking, motivated and enthusiastic, and love to learn new skills wherever I can, and the opportunity to collaborate on projects to push them even further and learn things from different angles.

Through structure, order and organisation, I treat every project the same – with a focused frame of mind and a drive to push to create the best outcome you/your audience requires.

I believe the key to creativity is doing things you enjoy and enjoying the process, looking after yourself, being true to your word, looking after the environment and world around us and being mindful of others.


“Hugh worked well within the timeframe I needed, and exceeded my expectations on production time, considering the quality of output.” – X. Ward

“Very accommodating and efficient. A problem solver.” – R.Kaye

“Every idea he came up with for me, was presented in a perfect format for me to look over.” – All in one Service

“Hugh will make an outstanding designer and is highly creative” – Harrison Agency

“During Hugh’s time with us in the studio he became a valued member of the team working across a variety of different projects particularly typographic, and information graphics. I highly recommend Hugh as a talented designer.” – Holmes Wood

“I would highly recommend Hugh as a graphic designer, particularly for studios with a strong typographic emphasis.” – I. Moore