The Ulm Model, Exhibition Review

The Ulm Model exhibition was a great exhibition displaying products designed at Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) which was established at Ulm in 1946. The exhibition was split into two sections; student work created in response to briefs set by instructors, and designs produced for the industry by students working with the instructors and development group.

Laid out over 4 floors you realise a huge amount of the brands that had worked with the school and the students, for example a lot of products for ‘Braun’ came out of the school and many, many more. I loved the style of these products, where the use and practicality of the product was thoroughly designed first before they designed the aesthetics around them, giving a great mixture of hugely practical and minimal, clean, simple design.

One of my favourite examples of the design approach the school practiced was a stool for the students or the school, which the students carried around with them. They were designed to be sat on during class, and when they finished the class and were walking between classes – they would flip it over and put their books in to carry from class to class.

The exhibition taught me a lot about the history of design schools of the time and where a huge amount of iconic designs begun to originate from and where many other designs got some of their original inspiration from.

The exhibition runs from the 5th of October to the 18th of December 2016, at Raven Row, London, and is well worth a visit.


The Ulm Model – Raven Row, London (until 18th December 2016)
Images taken by Hugh van der Lande