Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising, Exhibition Review

The lats time i went to the museum of branding was when they were in their old site not too far away from their current one, it was a much smaller site there but they have now moved to a much bigger one. When you arrive the first place you go through is the time tunnel. You then get to the branded material starting from 1910. The branding then seemed much more serious, everything seemed to be elegantly designed. Moving through the decades we then come to the design around WW1 and the children's toys of the time. It was really interesting seeing the difference between then and WW2. The design was still much more elegant and a lot of packaging had the flags of the other ally countries of WW1. There is a big change in style and design between the wars where as WW2 time designs were much more bold colours and imagery rather than a life like painting. Then during and after the war periods it is fascinating looking at all the posters about rationing and reusing and do it yourself guid books.

I found it especially nice when i reached the 90s section, as i begun to remember the products a bit more, and memories with them. I think for an older generation the would connect with the exhibition a lot more as they would remember a large amount of the products throughout the exhibition. There was an elderly couple there when i visited and they were telling each other stories that they associate with the products which was really nice. Over all the museum is defiantly worth a visit now that it has moved to a new location it is much less compact, and much nicer presented.


Hugh van der Lande. (2017) Photographs of exhibition, Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising (08/03/17)
Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising – Notting Hill, London