Ferm Fest - Mainstage


The brand identity and media package of assets, of a contemporary cultural festival, the Fermentation Festival / ‘Ferm Fest’. A festival of alcohol made by the fermentation process, consisting of beer, cider, wine and hard liquor.

The festival takes place on Hove Lawns, Brighton on June 28th – 30th 2019. The festival is a fun, summery day out, targeted at adults. The festival will be filled with Ferm Fest bars and stalls, primarily that of less well known small and local breweries, with a few food stalls in the mix.

In the evenings there will be live entertainment on the stage in the form of comedy and music where people can kick back and relax, taking in the fresh sea air and soaking up the atmosphere.

To begin the identity for Ferm Fest 19, I developed a full typeface with 6 different weights... The Firm Fest family.

Throughout the branding I have focused on 3 of the weights, the most detailed weight for the largest applications, the medium weight with just a shadow for the headline sized applications and the solid character weight for the smallest applications. These will be complimented by Futura PT Book for any blocks of body needed in the identity.

Ferm Fest Family


The new logo design for the Fermentation Festival 2019 is designed as a banner to fit in with the alcohol, crafting and brewing / fermenting tone of voice.

The typeface has been kept consistent to the Ferm Fest family, enabling a consistent look throughout the applications.

This logo can be adapted to be used as section dividers on some applications, creating a nice break point as one with the logo itself.

The logo has been kept primarily in grey scale to allow diverse usage, where as coloured logos seemed to clash.

Ferm Fest Logo

Ferm Fest colour palette

The colour palette for the identity shown here, has been selected for its bold colours that have the vibrancy of the summer months and celebrates the vibrant city in which the festival takes place, Brighton.

The bright colours are associated specifically with the seafront of Brighton & Hove, emphasised in the stalls along the beach and the brightly painted beach huts running down the edge of Hove Lawns.

Each colour has a darker shadow shade used to give depth to some elements of the identity, along with the shades of grey used for the typography, contrasting the bold colours nicely but not too much.



The poster design is the foundation to the whole identity and the first thing many people will see. Taking the typeface designed for the identity, a typographic hierarchy has been used to guide the viewer around the design. The typefaces have been tested and selected at 3 specific sizes, with the biggest having the most detail and the smallest the least.

Using the 3D aspect of the type as a fundamental element of the design the blocks of colour sit in a 3 dimensional grid structure which will come to life in other aspects of the identity.

The grey scale type contrasts on the bold colours resulting in the information to be read easily at a glance and from a distance.

The poster has been designed at the most common size for events posters such as this, which is architectural D size.

Ferm Fest Poster

Ferm Fest Poster Mockup


For the digital side of the identity, motion posters and adverts have been created, working both in motion and as stills where necessary.

The square graphic is social media friendly, as most prefer square images and videos, however this can be cropped when used in advertising on other sites. The social media campaign will be primarily around Facebook, Instagram and local websites.

A vertical banner ad has also been created specifically for the Visit Brighton website, one of the most important places to advertise for the event. The adverts will also use people’s live location to target customers in the area and those close by, with interest in things happening at the event, ie alcohol, music, beach, sociability and relaxing in the sun.

The vertical ad also works well animated, as shown here on the Visit Brighton website...



Visitor tickets will be in the form of a lanyard, clearly labelling their pass type, with the map of the festival on the rear.

The visitor will buy their ticket online at home, print it off, and bring it to the festival. On arrival, they will collect the lanyard sleeve to insert the ticket, with a coloured lanyard corresponding with the ticket colour. (People who are unable to print at home can print at the event for a small fee designed to reduce queuing.)

The ticket is in keeping with the grey scale type and identity and is designed on a white background. This is for people to print their ticket at home on a home printer, where bleeds can not be trimmed. To avoid a white line around two edges (off-centring the design), this space is taken into consideration, leaving a clean, minimal, and centred design.

There is a total of eight ticket types, including day passes, to weekend passes and staff passes for those working at the festival.

Each ticket will be a PDF, displaying important information about the event, the map and instructions. Explaining what to do with the tickets and coupon using a simple infographic designed to fit with the rest of the identity.

IMGP2421 copy.jpg
Insta pics-02 copyx.jpg

Bellow: Close up of the map displayed on the back of the lanyards and used in the physical poster, show entrances/exits, bars, coupon exchanges and more.

Insta pics-13.jpg


Using all of the individual components of the identity, the wayfinding scheme for inside the festival would look like this.

There are 3 categories of signage; the first and the biggest are the entrance and exit signs. These will span across the top of the entrance. The second size is for festival stalls for info and the various exchange points and bars around the festival. Finally the directional signs, which are smaller and vary in sizes.

Screenshot 2019-05-18 at 14.19.26.png


Finally, with each ticket comes a coupon for the festival go-er to collect a free pint glass, which they will use while at the event and can then take home with them after.

This is to reduce waste at the festival by multiple plastic cups per person. Rinse stations will be located around the festival for the user to rinse and refill at the next stall.

The front of the glass has the ‘Ferm Fest 2019’ logo, while on the back there will be the full Fermentation Festival logo, also marking a pint measurement.

This will also form some post festival promotion, where visitor’s friends see the glass and where we hope to see them and their friends again the following year.

The visitor will tear the coupon off their lanyard and visit a coupon exchange to redeem their glass. Lanyard bar codes will be scanned at this point ensuring there is only one glass given per ticket.

Screenshot 2019-05-18 at 14.23.38.png

Insta pics-09.jpg


This project was created along side another project you can view here. Both of these projects shared a Visual Summary, a book designed to show the process and development of the two projects. Starting with receiving of the brief, the summary consists of research, idea selection, development and reflection.

This was displayed as a spiral bound publication, with a cover which was designed to wrap around the document and go in at a point dividing the two projects.

IMG_8863 copy.jpg