Industry Practice - Interpretype


For this Industry Practice project, I constructed a survey to see how people interpret different styles of typography in the context of clothes retailing. I then designed an outcome visually displaying the results I gathered. To create this I learned a new binding technique called ‘concertina’ binding and hand bound it myself.

Folded out, on the front I display the 6 designs from the survey, with a brief highlight and summary of the results for each design, along with an insight as to why the design was used. On the reverse, for each design, I present all the questions asked, to display the full breakdown of questions and trend in responses using simple, colourful infographics.

IMGP2357 copy.jpg
IMGP2323 copy.jpg
IMGP2327 copy.jpg
IMGP2352 copy.jpg

With the concertina bound outcome presenting the results, I also designed a visual summary document. This had two stages to it, the first consisted of industry research and the second, a visual summary of the design stages and development of the outcome.

To create this document I learned another new binding technique called ‘dos a dos’ and hand bound it myself with the two sections being perfect bound.

IMGP2374 copy.jpg
IMGP2375 copy.jpg
IMGP2381 copy.jpg
IMGP2382 copy.jpg