The Poetry Project


This project was a collaboration with photographer Floriin Ion Firimiţã, and writer of the poems, Emma Hubregsen, who is also the model.

Merging these two things together I lettered sections of the poems onto the photographs.

Some pieces are individual and some are in sets of two or three. All together there are 15 images plus a cover image.

These were done using Procreate on an iPad with the Apple Pencil, and finished using Photoshop.

Choices 1 [24083].jpg

The poems, written by Emma Hubregsen, are a form of expression, written to help make sense of feelings and emotions that could not be articulated any other way. Poetry allows her to feel free and build the ‘truest version’ of herself.

I then lettered the poems onto Florin’s photographs, designing how the poems would be displayed on each image. Giving the poems added depth and amplifying the emotions expressed.

Choices 2 [24155].jpg
Choices 3 [24509].jpg

I dont want [25290].jpg

Planting 1 [25204].jpg
Planting 2 [24595].jpg