#YoureNotAlone - Mind Over Matter


A campaign aimed at students. Designed to gently motivate those who are suffering from mental health to seek support. And for friends of those suffering, to not only notice that someone may been in need of support, but to support them, and encourage conversation. To do this, I created the campaign ‘You’re Not Alone’, to gently motivate people to a landing page, where information can be found and queries directed to the right people who are able to help and support best.

Slogans are used as relatable feelings someone may be having, to help engage the viewer. The minimal design, which is to catch the eye, along with the use of typographic hierarchy and composition. This encourages the viewer to read the short captions without being overwhelmed with information, like many mental health advertising often does. There is then some information and a QR code that directs people to the website where they can find more information and be directed to someone that can help them individually.

a4 r.jpg

colour palette-06.jpg

The campaign is designed to be ‘gently motivational’ and at the same time catch the eye with bright, bold colours.

This is the colour palette the campaign is based around.

Replacing black and white are light and dark greys, used to be a more gentle contrast.

The three main colours are based around a pastel colour palette, with a solid colour accompanied with a paler version.



Accompanying the physical poster campaign simple flyers will be made, available in locations spread around the university, with some more information and the links to resources, that people can take home with them.

1 Poster MockUp Vert and Horiz.jpg


The landing page the campaign directs people to is a site that holds many third party links, directing people to relevant sites and information resources that they will find helpful whether it be for themselves or gathering some information for a friend.

The site will also put you in contact with someone that can help and allow you to book an appointment right there and then.

land screen.png

Screenshot 2019-06-07 at 19.32.34.png

Continuing to use the ‘You’re Not Alone’ slogan as the most dominant feature, adverts have been put together for websites used by UAL students.

These ads work as still images and can also be animated in the same way the website is. The ads would be in places students visit online, for example the university moodle page, or using cookies the ad can be targeted through a students Spotify account or their Facebook (examples to follow).

The animated poster is designed to engage the viewer through the interesting movement and provide them with an instant click-through to the web-page.



The social media campaign is created to help spread the word and be a part of the conversation Mental Health Awareness Week will bring to the social media scene. Allowing people to like and share, helping spread the word and break the stigma.

The social media assets have been created square to optimise news-feed layouts and to work well in a post on Instagram and Facebook as their primary visuals crop to a 1:1 square ratio.

Each post will be a 2-part post, the first designed to catch the eye of the scroller, then when they swipe left, the information image will come up directing them to the various sites, consistent with the campaign.

Screenshot 2019-06-07 at 19.33.53.png


This project was created along side another project you can view here. Both of these projects shared a Visual Summary, a book designed to show the process and development of the two projects. Starting with receiving of the brief, the summary consists of research, idea selection, development and reflection.

This was displayed as a spiral bound publication, with a cover which was designed to wrap around the document and go in at a point dividing the two projects.